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Wednesday, January 2, 2013 @ 08:01 PM
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Grand Rapids, MI Prepares for Radon Action Month

National Radon Awareness Month Grand RapidsRadon action month only comes once a year, so it is important that Grand Rapids residents go ahead and plan their month now. Planning how to act upon radon gas and its threat in your home and community will allow you to schedule appointments sooner than later, and start your path to a healthier life now. Many have heard of radon gas, but few know that it kills 20,000 each year, or that one out of every fifteen homes have high levels of radon gas.

If you live in Grand Rapids, now is the time to start preparing your action plan for radon action month this January. Last year many people took action in protecting their home by scheduling testing, calling a professional to install a mitigation system, or simply advocating to their neighbors and family about how having a professional install a mitigation system may save your life. Radon gas is radioactive, and proven to cause lung cancer. Do not become a statistic. Plan action for your Grand Rapids home during radon action month.

Ways Grand Rapids Residents Take Action in Radon Action Month

The first way that you can take action during radon action month is to advocate the dangers of radon gas to friends and family. Grand Rapids residents may be at a higher risk than others for having their home infested with radon, so making yourself and others aware of your threat level is half of the battle. If your home has high levels of radon gas, there could be a higher chance that your neighbors home is infested as well. Do not keep the dangerous statistics of radon gas hidden to yourself. Advocate the dangers to your family and friends during radon action month.

The second plan of action you may take during radon action month is having a professional conduct radon testing to your Grand Rapids home. Radon gas is both colorless and odorless, meaning the only way to know for sure if your home is infected is by having a professional test. Once you have your levels you will be able to take the appropriate action, but until that time you will not know for sure whether or not your Grand Rapids home is at risk.

Lastly, you may call S.W.A.T. Environmental to provide excellent radon mitigation for your home during radon action month. S.W.A.T. Environmental has decades of experience, and is local to the Grand Rapids area. We are the nation’s most trusted mitigation company, and can provide the mitigation you need to rid your Grand Rapids home of radon gas. Do not put off a mitigation system any longer. We always provide a free quote, and you may be shocked at how low cost a mitigation system is. Take action during radon action month for your Grand Rapids home, and call S.W.A.T. Environmental today.