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Monday, December 3, 2012 @ 07:12 PM
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Grand Rapids, MI Concerns of Lung Cancer

Radon Gas Mitigation can Prevent Lung CancerPracticing good health is something we are all taught from an early age. We know eating our vegetables and regular exercise can help prevent most disease or illness. We are also taught to avoid things such as cigarettes which have been proven to cause detrimental health effects such as lung cancer. The most recent studies have actually shown that you may be diagnosed with lung cancer in Grand Rapids even if you have never touched a cigarette.

You are probably thinking the diagnosis must come from secondhand smoke, or you may be stumped. The actual answer is radon gas. Radon gas is naturally occurring, invisible, and odorless. Combine these three things, and you have a recipe for a disaster. Radon is something very few know about, but something all Grand Rapids, MI residents should be concerned about. Depending on your home, radon gas mitigation may be a required action to prevent lung cancer.

How Radon Gas Forms in Grand Rapids

Radon gas forms through breaking down Uranium in the soil beneath or around your Grand Rapids home. Through the soil, radon gas may enter your home through the foundation, or even through the water supply. In rare cases, radon gas is found in materials used to construct your home. It is important that a professional pinpoint the entry method, and devise a proper plan for reducing the amount of radon gas in your home.

If you still have doubts about the health effects associated with radon, it is important to know that radon is radioactive. We all know that radioactive material has been proven to cause cancer, and therefore it is common sense that radon is bad for your health. If you ask me, I believe that in the future we may find even more health risks associated with radon, as more and more cancer is found to be caused by radiation. Unlike pesticides or chemicals as to which the jury is still out as far as their long term health effects, radon gas is proven even by the EPA to be linked to cancer.

Taking Action With Radon Gas Mitigation

You can prevent your Grand rapids home from being a serious concern for lung cancer by having a professional install a radon gas mitigation system. In order to determine your threat level, you should have a professional conduct a simple radon test. You should be able to view your results within a week, and have a great idea as to the concern of your Grand Rapids home. Once you have your results, you can make a decision. Whether or not your home shows dangerous levels of radon gas, many still decide to have a radon gas mitigation system installed. The reason for this is you have no idea when Uranium may breakdown and form this cancer causing gas. Take action and contact us today for a free quote on radon gas mitigation for your Grand Rapids home.