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Thursday, March 22, 2012 @ 08:03 PM
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Why Radon Mitigation Matters if You Live in Grand Rapids

Radon Mitigation in MichiganEveryone who owns a home is concerned about keeping it safe for their family from accidents, burglars and other dangers. However, you may not initially think of radon gas as a large concern, since it is completely undetectable to the human body alone. Radon is actually a very dangerous and toxic gas that can seep into your home without your knowledge. It is naturally produced in the environment, and is found in rocks, soil and spring water, but it becomes dangerous when it collects in an enclosed space where its levels can reach 4 pCi/L. At this concentration, it can cause cancer and other health problems, especially lung cancer. Therefore, radon mitigation services from SWAT Environmental could quite literally save your life.

Radon is a formed by the decay of uranium and thorium, two naturally occurring elements. It is invisible and has no smell or taste, so radon gas can collect in a home unnoticed; every year over 21,000 people die from lung cancer due to exposure to high radon gas levels.

Unfortunately, radon is fairly prevalent in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The land and soil test high for radon because uranium is found in the well-defined glacial rock left from the glaciers that covered the Lower Peninsula many years ago. The Environmental Protection Agency states that a blanket of radon gas covers the area; therefore, having SWAT Environmental test your home for radon is a very wise precaution.

Radon gas can accumulate in both new and old houses, whether or not they have basements. The natural decay process of uranium produces the radon gas in all types of terrain. As the gas moves up through the soil underneath your home, it can find a way to enter it through tiny cracks in the foundation. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Surgeon General’s office suggest radon testing in all Michigan homes and schools simply because the gas can be so lethal. Most experts believe you should have a radon gas test performed in your home at least every two years.

SWAT Environmental Radon Testing Michigan & Radon Mitigation

If SWAT Environmental’s test shows radon levels higher than the recommended 4 pCi/L, they will need to begin the radon mitigation process to remove the gas from your home. In many cases, the first step in the mitigation process is simply to find the means by which the gas is entering your home, and seal it. It may take several attempts to find all the tiny gaps through which the gas can fit. After the radon is no longer entering your home, SWAT Environmental will be able to install a system to remove the gas that is already inside your house, and prevent it from collecting again. They can use several different types of ventilation and pressurization systems, depending on the specific needs of your house.

Although having radon mitigation done seems like a hassle initially, there is no comparison between it and the danger of you or your family suffering from the lung cancer and other diseases radon can cause. SWAT Environmental is ready to help protect your family today with radon mitigation.